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Работа в сфере IT, копирайтеры, HR, маркетологи, менеджеры клиентской поддержки, управленцы и т.д.
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Купить дипломы, аттестаты. Бланки государственного образца!
Друзья подписывайтесь на каналы:

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✨ А ты в курсе, что сетевой уже не тот?
? Что больше никто не затаривается своим продуктом потому что "план"?
? Что больше не нужно продавать кремики, шампуньки и зубные пасты по каталогам или в переходах?
? Что в сетевом продуктом могут быть путешествия по всему миру?
? Что продвигать путешествия можно через свою страничку в любой соцсети?
?‍?‍?‍? Что команда может состоять всего из 4-6 друзей или членов семьи, а не 100 незнакомых тебе людей? Хотя это как хочешь))
? А еще, оказывается, бывает поппулярный в Европе и США сетевой и почти неизвестный в странах СНГ...Представляешь?
? Ты можешь оказаться у истока и зарабатывать просто путешествуя!

? Хочешь разобраться?
Приходи на вебинар сегодня в 20.00 по Киеву

?????? Пришли "+" @alonapsh и я вышлю тебе ссылку за пол часа до начала ?
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? Product Manager
✨ Toptal

?Collaborate with design and engineering to iteratively scope, build and launch new features.
?Build consensus amongst stakeholders by defining a shared vision and establishing a roadmap of prioritized initiatives, backed by quantitative research.
?Research and write detailed user stories as well as high level business cases and specifications. You should be comfortable describing the big picture as well as digging into the weeds.
?Act as a product owner responsible for prioritization of the team’s backlog, leveraging your experience to prioritize based not only on a technical happy path but also on business value and strategic direction.
?Effectively use data and analytics to inform the direction of the product.
?Provide leadership by example.
?Communicate with, influence, and motivate your team to want to build the best product while creating a collaborative environment for doing so: you will indirectly manage a team of product developers and be partially responsible for their performance and job satisfaction

?? Deatails and apply
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Подчини мысли себе и своим интересам!

Сталкивался с проблемой непонимания в обществе? Не умеешь общаться с людьми и убеждать их? Постоянно ленишься и при этом мечтаешь стать миллионером? Твой покорный слуга ФИЛОСОФ ( подскажет тебе путь.

Социальная инженерия, Полезные советы, Мотивация и не только!

Всё это на канале ФИЛОСОФ

Покажет тебе, насколько ты заблуждаешься.
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? C# (.NET) Software Architect ( $60K/year) - Remote Work

?Candidate Requirements

? Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science, Electrical Engineering, or Computer Engineering
?5+ years experience as a software engineer in
?1+ years experience working in an environment where CI/ CD tools are used
?Have a minimum of 2 years experience leading or mentoring junior developers
?2+ years experience in writing unit tests
?Experienced using Jira and Git
?2+ years in an environment where you used architecture principles and frameworks
?At least 1 year of working experience using cloud services such as AWS
?Proficiency in the following skills and technologies is mandatory:
?General database knowledge in a technology such as SQL Server/Oracle/MySQL/MongoDB/Cassandra
?SOA, EDA, and Design patterns
?Javascript (ReactJS, AngularJS) , HTML5, CSS3
?Some experience in Linux, Django, REST and shell scripting
?MVC and knowledge of another server-side programming language (Ruby, PHP) is desired but not mandatory
?Demonstrate success as a problem solver
?Be a results-oriented individual
?Comfortable “working virtually” with teammates and customers around the world
?Good proficiency in the English language

?? Details and apply
C# (.NET) Software Architect ($60K/yr) - Online Hiring Event
We're running an Online Hiring Event on December  22nd, 2018, to hire C# (.NET) Software Architects ($60K/yr). Online Hiring Events are live forums designed to enable you to understand the role and requirements through an interactive Q&A session followed by a self-directed testing process. The testing takes between 3-5 hours to complete. It’s worth taking the time to finish all the tests because we evaluate every single complete application to find the top talent.   This event will include all testing required to apply for the role. Upon grading the tests, and if you advance, we will set up an interview with the hiring manager. You can see more details about this role here: As a C# software architect, you can expect to be a member of one of our central assembly line teams such as code cleanup, maintenance team, and auto unit test team. Our maintenance team is responsible for bug fixing across our 100+ product portfolio.…
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✨ А ты в курсе,что сетевой уже не тот?
? Что больше никто не затариваеться соим продуктом потому что "план"?
? Что больше не нужно продавать кремики, шампуньки и зубные пасты по каталогам или а переходах?
? А что в сетевом продуктом могут быть путешествия?

? Что продвигать путешествия можно через свою страничку в любой соцсети?
?‍?‍?‍? Что команда может состоять из 4-6 друзей, а не 100 незнакомых тебе людей? Хотя это как хочешь))

? А еще, оказывается, бывает поппулярный в Европе и США сетевой и почти неизвестный в странах СНГ...Представляешь?
? Ты можешь оказаться у истока и зарабатывать просто путешествуя!

? Хочешь разобраться? ? Задать вопросы?

Пиши сюда ?????? @alonapsh
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? Freelance writer
✨ One Freelance Limited

Position involves researching and writing original essays and course works on various topics in English.This is a part-time work-from-home job. We pay from $7 to $26 per page written.
If you are passionate about English language, enjoy expressing yourself through writing original and solid texts, and eager to constantly improve your skills and knowledge — we have a perfect job that you will love.


1. Advanced level of English proficiency;
2. Strong research and composition skills;
3.Attention to detail and dedication to accuracy.

✍? You will receive topics based on your area of interest. It can be essays, reports, literature reviews, or speeches. Each assignment has specific requirements that must be followed.

If you feel that current job is a perfect fit for you, do not hesitate to send your CV

?? APP
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? Розшифровувач
✨ StarLightMedia

Найбільший у Східній Європі медіахолдинг. А це 6 телеканалів, 7 сайтів, 2 нових шоу на рік! Телеканали медіахолдингу: СТБ, Новий канал, ICTV, M1, M2, QTV. Ми розважаємо людей 24 години, 7 днів на тиждень, 365 днів на рік.

? Вимоги до кандидата:

? Бажані навички машинопису і досвіду розшифровки відеоматеріалів (навчальна інструкція додається)
?Можливість працювати 6-8 годин в день
?Висока швидкість набору (бажано, але не обов'язково).

§dОсновні обов'язки:
?Своєчасно, уважно і грамотно розшифровувати
?Виконувати поставлене завдання протягом заданого часу.

?? Відправити резюм
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? Senior Marketing Designer

?? Details and appl
y - Senior Marketing Designer (100% Remote)
At we’re building the sales communication platform of the future. We’ve built a next-generation CRM that eliminates manual data entry and helps sales teams close more deals. We are a ~30 person entirely remote team that is profitable and building a product our customers love. We are hiring a full-time senior marketing designer to join our growing marketing team to help us create and execute high quality marketing campaigns. ABOUT YOU You are an experienced and creative designer with a track record of creating visually compelling and persuasive designs for landing pages, ads, and email. You’re comfortable working with industry standard tools (like Sketch or Framer) and you can take concepts all the way from idea to execution. This means you can both sketch/design ideas as well as build them into responsive and compliant web pages. THE ROLE In this role you will report to the Director of Marketing and work closely with our content writers and product marketers. As our first f
? Freelance Motion Designer
§cPlato Design

⭐️ Plato is looking for a wide range of experienced design thinkers to help us deliver interesting, useful design projects to our customers. As a freelance designer, you can be located anywhere and take on as many or as few projects as you’d like.

?As a Motion Designer in the Plato Creative Network, you’ll be responsible for designing animated graphics for use in online ads for Instagram and Facebook. Most projects will require creating production-quality motion graphics combining animation or stock video with text, graphics and layout. You’ll be compensated based on the complexity of the project.

? Ideal Motion Designer candidates have a high quality bar, with a portfolio that displays a range of project types, aesthetics and use cases.

? You should have a track record of success delivering high quality work on schedule, and should enjoy collaborating as a part of a fast moving team. You must also have a “business fluent” level proficiency in written English.

If this sounds like you, fill out the application below to get started.

?? Appl
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?Wikr - продуктовая ИТ-медиа группа. Мы занимаемся созданием и развитием контент-проектов во всем мире.

Наша миссия - улучшать жизнь людей с помощью вдохновляющего, полезного и позитивного контента.

? Что мы делаем?

Мы делаем очень крутую историю на глобальном медиарынке, развивая онлайн-медиа на 7 языках мира. Ежемесячная аудитория наших проектов составляет 100+ млн. уникальных посетителей.

Хочешь получить шанс присоединиться в команду крупного медиа паблишера?

?Мы запускаем обучающую программу, на которой ты сможешь:

?окунуться полностью в специфику работы Media Publisher
?понимать специфику поиска Виральных идей
?получить знания, которые сможешь применять, выполняя реальные задачи, связанные с текущими проектами

?Что тебе понадобится для участия:

? знание английского языка на уровне upper-intermediate
?навыки работы с Photoshop (базовые)
быть активным пользователем соц. сетей (Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Reddit, etc)
уделять программе 40 часов в неделю (5 дней в неделю с 9 до 18)

? программа включает в себя: Программа длится 1 месяц
?комфортные условия: удаленное сотрудничество (Вы сможете работать в любом удобном для Вас месте, где есть доступ к Интернету),
?гибкий график
?программа полностью оплачиваемая
⭐️ лучшие участники получат предложение о сотрудничестве

???Доступны и другие вакансии (30 открытых позиций) , а подавать заявку можно сразу на несколько позиций! П

?? Details and appl
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? Graphical User Interface Developer
✨ Educational institution


The goal of the GUI is to facilitate the design and visualization of DNA-based 2D and 3D molecular objects as implemented currently using the web-based applications:




? Position Summary:

The successful candidate will design and implement the front-end GUI that will be built on top of a set of back-end command line interface binary files written in Python and FORTRAN 95 to enable user the design of 2D and 3D DNA-based molecular objects.

The GUI will allow for import of geometric CAD files, visualization in 3D of the input CAD objects, execution of back-end compiled command line scripts, molecular and other visualization of intermediate design files resulting from the back-end scripts, and integration with the Open Source software caDNAno for design file editing in the same GUI.
The programmer will work closely with the academic developers of the back-end software. Molecular visualization tools that the developer is ideally familiar with include UCSF Chimera, VMD, and the RCSB PDB.

? Role:

? Design and implement a stand-alone, cross-platform (Windows, MacOSX, Linux) front-end GUI built on Qt and OpenGL for visualization purposes and execution of back-end software
? Design target intermediate aims for software development and quality control, including a timeline for implementation and validation
?Scope the extent of the GUI development project within a prescribed budget
?Work closely with an academic team to design, implement, and test the GUI across platforms


?3+ years experience with professional GUI development
?Expert knowledge of Qt (C++ or Python) and OpenGL
?Experience with cross-platform (Windows, macOS, Linux) GUI development
?Excellent communication and planning skills for project design and implementation
?Experienced task-managed approach to software development

?? To apply:

✉️ ⬇️

⭐️ CV inlcuding portfolio of related GUI projects
⭐️ Cover letter describing why you are well-suited for this role
⭐️ List of references
⭐️ Any compensation or other requirements (e.g., $/hour, minimum total budget, etc.)
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Так же у Holo есть и другие вакансии:

?Product UX Designer
?Holo Developer
?Infographics Designer
?Senior Technical Product Owner
?Account Manager
?Security Engineer
?enior Network Protocol Developer
?Accountability Coach
?Senior Executive Assistant

Все позиции на 100% удаленные
?? Details and apply
? Sr Technical Product Owner
✨ Holo

☺️ We're building the future of distributed cloud and distributed application hosting (i.e., where the crowd is the cloud).

?? For optimum success in this role, it will be essential for you to: be a fast learner and integrator; have a balance of task and people orientation; be an effective communicator both orally and written; be able to break down complex communication and data; and deliver out of this world clarity and inspiration to development teams and other stakeholders.

⭐️ You will work closely with our founder and lead architect as well as with teams in growth and delivery to identify and manage technical product requirements. Specifically you will support Holo’s remote development teams to implement, document, and release products and will help triage requirements and bugs.

? The successful candidate takes pride in product ownership and is capable and willing to quickly deep dive and learn highly technical products in a challenging environment.

§iDuties And Responsibilities:

?Gain full understanding of products end-to-end

?Be the subject matter expert on assigned products

?Answer any technical questions from internal technical stakeholders

?Answer any product feature release scheduling questions

?Collect, clarify, and triage stakeholder requirements

?Review products with a critical eye to identify what needs to be improved

?Provide periodic reporting as required

?Communicate with geographically distributed teams for product development

?Support the creation and improvement of technical documentation for end users within Holo
§iSkills & Requirements:

?5-7 years of experience delivering technical products in a medium to large company setting in a program or product management role

?Previous experience in a cloud environment and web based applications

?Excellent English written and verbal communication

?Previous experience in a technical writing capacity

?Previous exposure gathering and analyzing product functionality

?Ability to understand the sales cycle and business requirements

?Ability to travel internationally

?Preferably an expert in one or more cloud products (e.g. CDN, Compute, Database, Networking, etc.)

?Previous experience with distributed applications is optimal

?Previous dev-ops or programming skills nice to have

?Previous experience with crypto nice to have

?Preferred product testing experience

Some details about what we offer:

?Generous salary

?Supportive team trial period

?Regular team meetings (video and in person)

?Collaborative and inspiring culture

?Flexible work schedules and vacation

?Motivated, passionately engaged and evolutionary global teammates

⭐️ Holo is an equal opportunity employer, and we celebrate our diverse, creative, and collaborative team.

?? Details and appl
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? Experienced Project Manager (Web Design / Development)

? Jo
b Description :

Optuno is a web design and development company that provides 100% customized, stress-free websites for businesses for a fraction of the cost of going to a traditional web design firm. The company grew out of a desperate need for professional, streamlined and affordable website development. Optuno provides a unique, stress-free and fully-managed experience for the creation, maintenance and marketing of websites.

You will be working with a virtual team to deliver awesome, customized websites to our clients, interfacing between our clients and our website development team.

We are a fast-paced, fast growing company looking for someone who can keep up the pace. Drop us a line if you can manage projects efficiently, are extremely organized, a wizard at multi-tasking, can think through problems and develop solutions, and can work at breakneck speeds with a keen eye for detail. Did we mention you will be communicating to our clients? That means, we need a natural problem solver and someone who can communicate in a way to build relationships, offer support and anticipate needs.

Previous experience in website design and development. on-page SEO, and copywriting is mandatory, however, we are looking for someone with a strong ability to manage projects and interact with clients. This is a great opportunity for a professional with a few years of experience.

? Key Responsibilities

?Manage multiple projects at one time, while delivering amazing customer service
?Collaborate with clients to determine website requirements
?Provide web design and development team with information to create websites, filling in any missing information
?Assign milestones and maintain schedule for each project
?Update client and team on milestones and timelines
?Perform content or visual updates to websites, as needed
?Review project work to ensure the highest level of quality
?Research, createand apply meta data to websites
?Develop content for websites
?Troubleshoot technical problems related to client’s website or Optuno platform
?Able to work remotely


?Proficiency in HTML and principles of web design and development
?Experience using Wordpress (content updates and design tweaks)
?Experience multi-tasking across a variety of projects
?Former experience in web development, design, or experience planning preferred.
?Experience with applying On-Page SEO to websites
?Experience writing Meta Data for websites
?Exceptional written and verbal communication skills.
?Ability to manage multiple projects with minimal direction.
?Ability to work and communicate with a diverse range of people and clients.
?Availability to work Monday through Friday, 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM

???$10-15/hour (Based on Level of Experience) + Bonuses (Based on Performance)

? Our Values

Optuno is a fast-paced environment. Here are our values. If you value these things, too, then we hope you will apply!

? Excellence: We strive for pixel-perfect work. Details are important.

? Problem-Solver: We dive in and figure things out.

? Zeal for Clients: This is our business. We help our clients develop websites, every step of the way, with an upbeat attitude.

? Honesty: We provide truth wrapped in kindness topped with a helpful approach.

⭐️ Although this position doesn’t have supervisory duties, you will be directing the project related activities of the web design and development team.

?? Appl
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Друзья, кто ещё не слышал о монобанке?

Как это у вас нет их карты??

Я уже пользуюсь около полугода.
Без комиссии плачу коммуналку и так же пополняю мобильный.
Подключила себе кешбек за путешествия и плачу за поездки в метро со скидкой ??? Увы, путешествия у меня пока только такие?

?‍♀️Недавно вообще нужны были срочно пару сотен (а при себе не было). Решила взять кредит - одобрили за 10 минут. Я, конечно, эту тему не признаю - на следующий же день закрыла, но выручил меня он здоровски. Если не ошибаюсь, то около месяца процент не начисляется, если кому интересно.?

Ещё ребята за приведённого друга платят 50 грн. ?

Как по мне, то это одна из немногих интересных бонусных программ. Это не просто бонусы на приобретение их услуг - это обычные реальные деньги, которые вы можете считать своими кровно заработанными. Просто устанавливаете приложение, загружаете документы и выбираете адрес+время бесплатной доставки (да приходить в отделение не обязательно).
При этом вашему другу за установку так же начислят 50 грн. Круто, да??

☝️Если вы заинтересованы картой как кредитной, то мне рекомендовали сразу подавать заявку на кредит сразу при оформлении. При необходимости сможете закрыть кредитную линию за пару секунд через приложение, без всяких менеджеров и прочей нечести. Я так и сделала - деньги не использую, но вдруг какой форс-мажор - я спокойна. ?

?Перечитала пару раз текст и подумала, что настало время читать книгу «Пиши и сокращай». Уж слишком много хвалебных дифирамбов написала, а это я ещё не упомянула о реально крутом приложении, наклейках и высокодоходных депозитах за «10 000 шагов в день».

Друзья, просто установите и все сами поймёте. Всем добра ?
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? Sr. Digital Marketing Manager
✨ aha

?We are looking for someone who:

?Can help drive trial and customer growth through qualified website traffic
?Has experience with social media advertising channels (LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter)
?Enjoys testing various types of ad copy and landing pages
?Understands the optimization of click-to-trial and trial-to-paid conversion rates
?Knows how to leverage data to find opportunities throughout the acquisition funnel
?Likes to engage with the extended team and share findings
?Will collaborate with the creative team on advertising campaigns

?We are committed to being great, and we want someone who:

?Can work at a fast-paced company where the feedback cycle is measured in hours rather than weeks
?Has a "get it done" attitude and radiates team spirit
?Is seeking a career-defining opportunity with a proven, results-oriented team

?? Details and appl
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